John O'Laughlin (olaugh) wrote,
John O'Laughlin

Causeway 2011

For those of you who didn't see the announcement, Causeway this year is going to have a different format. It seems he's doing away with the teams, and it'll be similar to the North American NSC, with four divisions based on WESPA ratings (or national ratings for those lacking a WESPA rating) with limited play-ups. Prizes for Causeway Premier:

Champion: US$50,000
1st Runner-Up: US$25,000
2nd Runner-Up: US$15,000
4th Position: US$10,000
5th Position: US$9,000
6th Position: US$8,000
7th Position: US$7,000
8th Position: US$6,000
9th Position: US$5,000
10th Position: US$4,000

Still waiting on when and where the WSC will be, but I'm determined to play both this time.
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