John O'Laughlin (olaugh) wrote,
John O'Laughlin

jt stats

I've been keeping track of my JumbleTime scores on the ABSP daily challenges. Got my first triple-clear (I do 7s, 8s, and Bingos) since January this morning to help salvage the most recent fortnight.
             grids   words    average
           cleared  gotten  time left (where non-clears = 0s)
dec24-jan06    14%     95%         8s
jan07-jan20    36%     96%        21s
jan21-feb05    26%     96%        16s
feb06-feb22    21%     96%         9s
feb23-mar08    26%     96%        19s
mar09-mar23    26%     97%        17s
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